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90 Years in the Making - The Next Generation of Oliver Slicers is Here!

Posted May 18, 2022

Walker, MI June 1, 2022, Oliver is thrilled to announce the launch of the Oliver Select® on-demand single loaf slicer and Oliver SelectPro® continuous-feed bread slicer! Our new Select series slicers are built with the same high-quality standards cornerstone to our brand for 90-years. New features include a state-of-the-art blade replacement cartridge system and slice-spacing conversion kits.

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Baking Sustainability into Your Bakery

Posted February 16, 2022

Chalkboard image with 3 intersecting circles graph for Resources Profile and environment as it pertains to sustainability

Consumers nowadays are changing their preferences and using their buying power to affect change. They are opting for fresher, more organic food and gravitating towards farm-to-table concepts. While going green may seem like a hard commitment, it can bring numerous benefits to your bakery business. Not only will it help you cut down on waste and food costs and save you money on utilities, it… Read More

The Perfect Slicer: How to Select and Maintain a Commercial Bread Slicer

Posted February 16, 2022

image of a loaf of sliced bread on the outfeed tray of an Oliver Slicer

Fulfilling orders from behind a bakery counter in a timely manner means you need to be equipped with reliable machinery. If your world revolves around bread, utilizing the right bread slicer and properly maintaining it can make all the difference when it comes to the quality of service and your menu items. There are key factors to consider when selecting the slicer that best suits your… Read More

The Knead to Know on Shaping Dough

Posted May 6, 2021

Kneading dough and shaping it into the perfect baguette or tapered roll can often take precious time away from a baker’s busy day. And while bakeries pride themselves on their craft, there may come a time where your success demands a simple solution that delivers the same dough integrity and consistency but for much less in time and labor. That is where automation comes in.

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Press Release - Oliver Rebranding

Posted April 22, 2021

Oliver Packaging & Equipment Company Announces Rebranding and Continued Commitment to Customers

Walker, Mich., April 21, 2021 -- Oliver, a market leader in the design and manufacturing of premium food equipment and meal packaging systems, announced today the rebranding of its visual identity to reaffirm its dedication to its customers, so they can better serve their communities.

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