Select SelectPro Bread Slicer Replacement Blade Cartridges

Product Summary

Replacement Blade Cartridges for Oliver Model 747-N Select and SelectPro commercial bread slicers

Key Features

Oliver Select® and SelectPro® replacement blades are pre-loaded at the factory, in a clear plastic cartridge, eliminating the need to handle sharp blades.  

  • Available in both Standard and Artisan® blades
  • Slicer blades are made of high-carbon tempered steel for strength and durability

Installing new blades using blade cartridges:

  • Remove both the front and rear blade frames from the Oliver Select® or Oliver SelectPro® slicer
  • Once the blade frames are removed, place an empty plastic cartridge on top of the worn blades
  • Next, follow the simple step-by-step process to loosen the blade tension
  • Once blade tension is loose, the blades are nested safely in the cartridge
  • Pull the loaded cartridge of worn blades off the frame
  • Fresh blades are installed by placing a factory-loaded cartridge of blades on the empty blade frame
    • Cartridges are labeled for front and rear blades making installation fool-proof
  • With a few simple steps the blades are loaded and tensioned precisely on the blade frame
  • Reinstall the front and rear blade frames in to the Oliver Select® or SelectPro® slicer and you are ready to slice bread again; all without touching a single blade!

For more information, please watch the demonstration video.

Additional Information

To maintain optimum slicing and overall machine performance, we recommend changing slicer blades twice each year.

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