HD-38 Semi-Automatic Twist Tier

HD-38 Semi-Automatic Twist Tier

Product Summary

Ties up to 60 bags per minute, and secures with 2.5 full twists.

Key Features

  • State-of-the-Art-Motor: efficient, durable & reliable
  • Electronic activation maximizes speed & efficiency
  • Easy open and close twist-ties
  • Provides air-tight seal
  • Available in 3/8”, 5/8”, and 7/8” capacities

Additional Information

  • Consolidated Moving Parts: easy maintenance & less replacement parts
  • New electronic Trigger Mechanism: less insertion pressure prevents damage to delicate products
  • User-Friendly Material Feed Guide: new path for easier loading of twist-tie material
  • New Brake Arm Spindle: more secure spool placement
  • Color Coding System: easy identification for each Tie-Matic HD capacity

Product Specifications


60 Hz, 115 VAC, 3.2 AMPS




Shipping Weight:
19 lbs. (9 kg)

Machine H x W x D:
10.75" x 5.5"(top) x 22"

Front Feet:

Spool Size:
8.5" x 2"

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