OEM Bread Slicer Blades
Standard & Artisan

Product Summary

Slicer Blades

Key Features

Standard Blades

  • High-carbon chrome vanadium tempered steel
  • One size blade fits all Oliver bread slicers 709, 711, 732, 758, 777, and 797
  • Patented burr-free scallop design
  • Exclusive, extended shelf-life packaging
  • Flexibility to meet specific slicing environments; durability and improved sanitation
  • Clean, accurate slicing of a wide range of bakery product
  • Least expensive blade in the industry

Additional Information

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  • Fits all Oliver Products Slicers: 709, 732, 758, 777, and 797
  • Chrome vanadium high-carbon steel for strength and durability
  • Outperforms other blades on crusty and artisan breads
  • Slices faster than conventional blades for faster throughput for on-demand slicing
  • Same price as standard blades

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