1-C Eco-Serve Tray 16 oz
16 oz.

1-C Eco-Serve Tray 16 oz

Product Summary

1-C Dual Ovenable Paper Tray

Key Features

  • Sanitary presentation: tamper evident seal
  • Freezer to oven: filled meal package functions from -40° to 400° F
  • Reheating of sealed trays, up to 180° F
  • Polyester film lining provides a liquid barrier
  • Easy to open, proprietary film; easy to peel yet strong enough for the rigors of delivery
  • Cool to the touch while contents stay hot

Environmental Sustainability

  • Trays are are compostable*
  • Made from a 100% renewable resource

*Except for the tray liner

Product Specifications


1 compartment :
16 oz.


Item No. :

Quantity per case:


L x W x D :
6.5" x 5" x 1.5"