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We’re thrilled that you’re considering joining our dynamic team. We believe in nurturing talent and empowering individuals to thrive in a collaborative, innovative environment. From manufacturing jobs and warehouse associates to clerical work and corporate positions, Oliver offers many opportunities from which to choose.

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Machine Builder – 1st Shift

In this role, you will build medium to large sized machines or portions of larger machines using various power and hand tools to design specifications. We are looking for a good mechanical background, electrical knowledge a plus! You must have a good understanding of assembly concepts and bills of material with the drive to seek improvements.

Quality Manager

The Quality Manager plays a pivotal role in upholding the organization’s highest standards of product quality and safety. Responsibilities encompass developing and overseeing robust processes, identifying areas for improvement and driving continuous enhancements to quality management systems. Essential expertise in food safety certification processes to determine the necessity of certification programs at Oliver, as well as ensuring adherence to regulatory mandates and industry benchmarks, when required. Moreover, this position entails providing clear and detailed product specifications to ensure consistency and excellence throughout production stages. Tasked with spearheading continuous improvement initiatives, the Quality Manager ensures ongoing enhancements in product quality and operational efficiency within work processes.

Business Systems Administrator

This position will be responsible for bridging the gap between IT applications and the rest of the business. The primary focus would be the ERP system, but the role could interface with other applications, as needed. We need a person who can be a change agent for the organization, they need to take a disciplined approach to introducing and managing that change. This will require someone to be well versed in all IT business applications and be able to provide solutions and recommendations to address business needs. This person will need to understand how systems and tools work, but also have an understanding of how business functions operate. They need to be forward thinking and be on top of the ERP software roadmap. They will help develop a vision for where that roadmap can take Oliver, and then help lead the execution of that vision.

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