Food Service Packaging

Food Service Packaging with Speedseal Trays and Cups

At Oliver Packaging, we offer innovative solutions for food service packaging. Our Speedseal trays and cups are designed to cater to all operations, big or small, providing portioned and sealed containers to serve people efficiently.

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Benefits at a Glance

When you incorporate Speedseal technology into your food service packaging operations, you’ll benefit from labor cost savings, unmatched convenience, reduced food waste and more.
Speedseal technology seals food and beverages quickly and easily, diminishing the time spent preparing and serving food. Savings on food costs come easier with precise portion control and food services are enhanced with better food safety.

Explore the Food Packaging Possibilities

Oliver Packaging offers a range of food packaging trays and cups to suit your needs.
Hot Food Solutions
Our hot food packaging items are meticulously designed to handle a wide range of hot food applications. With durable materials and secure sealing options, these are the go-to choice for cafes, cafeterias and other food service providers.
Cold Food Solutions
Discover a versatile range of cold food packaging items, including single-serve, bento boxes and trays. Whether you’re packaging sandwiches, salads or multi-course meals, these provide the perfect presentation, while ensuring the integrity of your cold dishes.
Frozen Food Solutions

Oliver Packaging’s frozen food packaging items withstand the rigors of freezing temperatures, ensuring that your meals remain as delectable as the moment they were prepared. These are not only durable, but also easy to handle and seal, making meal preparation and storage a breeze.

Food Packaging Material Types
Our high-quality recyclable plastic options provide unbeatable durability and protection. We also offer eco-friendly fiber and paperboard solutions for strength and environmental consciousness. Our compostable trays are the epitome of responsible packaging, breaking down naturally and leaving no trace behind.
Compartmentalized Meal Packaging

From single-compartment trays to multi-compartment options perfect for bento-style meals, our packaging solutions cater to all. With options ranging from one to four compartments, you can present your dishes in a way that best highlights flavors and aesthetics. Choose convenience without compromising on style with our versatile, compartmentalized packaging.

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Size Options for Convenience

At Oliver Packaging, we understand that one size does not fit all. That’s why our trays and cups come in various options to suit your unique needs. Our selection ensures you can confidently cater to a variety of meals with our range of portion sizes designed to meet the demands of your clientele.

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