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Bakery Equipment Financing Made Easy

Bakery equipment financing provides business owners with a way to obtain necessary equipment without relying solely on available capital or cash reserves.

Oliver partners with Marlin Business Services, a trusted nationwide provider.

Seamless Food Sealing Equipment Financing

Securing food sealing equipment financing offers business owners a viable option to acquire essential machinery without depleting existing capital or reserves.

Oliver ensures accessible and reliable financing solutions for qualified buyers by partnering with Marlin Business Services, a reputable nationwide provider.

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Flexible Equipment Financing

Upgrade outdated equipment seamlessly in five easy steps.
  1. Shop – Choose your equipment.
  2. Apply – Complete a simple online credit application with Marlin.
  3. Sign – Upon approval, sign and return the finance documents to Marlin and place your order with Oliver.
  4. Receive – Oliver will ship your order.
  5. Pay – Receive your first invoice from Marlin within 30 days.  Monthly invoices will be sent for the duration of your finance term.

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