Bagel & Bun Slicer
Model 723

Product Summary

The Bagel & Bun Classic Slicer safely and efficiently slices everything from sub buns to bagels. It is the perfect alternative to slicing by hand, and features a compact, sturdy design for ease of operation.

Key Features

  • Cleanly slices bagels and buns with ease
  • Separate On/Off buttons for easy startup/shut down
  • Re-designed ergonomic slice height feature allows for fluid adjustment
  • Re-designed blade cover includes access point to clean underside of blade, eliminating need to remove blade
  • Blade safety guard incorporates automatic power-down feature when removed
  • Exclusive gentle-touch exit door slows sliced product delivery, preventing damage to softer product
  • Optional return chute saves counter space and creates production system for larger orders

Product Specifications


1/3 H.P., single phase, 60Hz, 115 VAC, 6.8 AMPS


Bun Height:
up to 3"

Bun Width:
For sliced through: Up to 4.375"

For Hinged: Up to 4.875"

Hinge Thickness:
Hinge Thickness: Up to .5"

Cutting height (bottom slice thickness): 0.625" to 1.5"


Durable bakery white powder coat finish, wear resistant and easy to clean. Chute, blade and all other contact parts are stainless steel.




Shipping Weight:
Approximately 120 lbs. (54.5 kg)

Net Weight:
105 lbs. (47.6 kg)

Machine H x W x D:
22.75" x 16.125" x 29.75"


Return Chute

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