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Product Details

Product Features

  • Two slice options in one machine: 1/2″ and 3/4″
  • Bread capacity – up to 13” loaves
  • Stainless steel contact components and food-safe materials throughout
  • Easy to operate with convenient, front-mounted push button controls
  • Smooth, quiet operation with minimal vibration
  • Standard 1-year warranty
  • Made in USA

Product Benefits

  • Perfect for on-demand slicing of hard-crusted artisan breads and soft-textured sandwich loaves
  • Compact design to fit effortlessly into your workspace, with two slicing size options!
  • Being simple to operate makes it easy to cross-train employees

Blade Replacement Program

We recommend changing your slicer’s blades twice a year to maintain optimum slicing and overall machine performance. Let us be your preventative maintenance partner. Learn more or enroll today!
Email customer service at blades@oliverquality.com or call 800-253-3893 x6062

Product Specifications



Maximum Loaf Capacity

13" L x 5.5" W x 5.5" H


29.75" L x 38.25" W x 54.25" H


115 VAC, 7 amps, 60 Hz, 1 phase


Machine Weight: 450 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 575 lbs.

Slice Thickness Options

Includes two slice thickness options:
1/2" (13 mm)
3/4" (19 mm)

Positioned in slicer to have 3/4" slices on left and 1/2" slices on right


1-year warranty

Blade Replacement Program

Two-tier Member-Only Program:

Pro Service: 18 months service (3 blade changes), 15% discount on parts
Elite Service: Open-ended supply of blade change every 6 months (minimum 24 months), 30% discount on parts, 1-year extra warranty on eligible equipment

Concierge service for blade installation is available with both service options

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Front Load Duo Bread Slicer

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