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Label Printer Applicator System

Product Summary

Integrated thermal transfer printer, applicator and tray conveyor with stand

Product Details

Product Features

  • One color printer with a 4” wide print head
  • Clarisuite™ software license
  • Software compatible with label design software which supports Zebra or Sato print engines
  • Uses industry standard labels
  • Label content database capacity of 400 MB
  • USB port for label upload and backup/restore
  • Supports 20 different languages
  • Touch screen operator panel with video tutorials for setting up, consumables loading, troubleshooting and printhead replacement
  • Adjustable stand (height) and conveyor (speed and tray guide rails), with lockable casters
  • The system can be set up for left or right side mount on the conveyor; dependent on space, location and preference within the production space
  • Lockable casters
  • Made in USA

Product Benefits

  • Precise placement of labels for consistent product presentation
  • Enhance meal presentation with product labeling for improved consumer experience
  • Satisfy state requirements for product identification with easy-to-read labels
  • Minimal setup steps, only conveyor guides and printer/applicator head distance to tray, make integration into meal production simple and quick
  • Easily roll in and out for production line flexibility
  • Supported by a nationwide service organization
  • One-year warranty from the date of installation

Product Specifications




49.03" W x 49.74" L


115 VAC

Shipping Weight

Machine Weight: 165 lbs.
Integrated Stand/Conveyor Weight: 575 lbs.

Label Size Options

3" x 4": 8,800/roll
3" x 5": 7,000/roll
4" x 4": 8,800/roll
4" x 6": 5,800/roll

Ribbon Size

4" W

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Label Printer Applicator System

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