1 C Deep Compostable Plant Fiber Tray

Product Summary

Dual Ovenable Compostable Deep Plant Fiber Tray

Key Features

  • 100% compostable plant fiber
  • Sanitary presentation: tamper-evident seal
  • Freezer to oven or microwave: filled meal package functions from -40° to 400°F
  • Interior PLA liner creates a liquid barrier preventing soak through
  • Compatible with Oliver Speedseal® standard films; strong seal integrity with easy-peel open
  • Natural insulation property of fiber keeps meals hot and exterior safe to touch

Additional Information

Environmental Sustainability

  • 100% compostable: certified to meet ASTM 6868 and 6400, and EN 13432
  • Tray composts completely, including liner, in an industrial compost facility* 
  • Made from 100% renewable sources: sugarcane and bamboo fibers
  • Tray liner is made from plant-based resin (PLA), a natural dextrose and sucrose by-product of corn, sugar cane, or beets


*Compostable in Industrial composting facilities, which may or may not exist in your community. Not suitable for backyard composting.

Product Specifications


1 Compartment:
37 oz.


Item No:
62121TPL Quantity per Case: 800


L x W x D:
8.7" x 6.6" x 1.88"